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  • Zhu Zehe

    Male Master of Business Administration Enterprise General Manager

    He used to be the general manager of Bengbu Shenfeng Group, with more than 30 years of management experience in the dipping industry. He is a member of the Sub Technology Committee of Dipped Framework Material of China Standardization Committee for Rubber and Rubber Products, the off campus instructor of postgraduate cultivation of Jiangnan University and Anhui Polytechnic University,and the first person who completed the formulation of 3 national standards and 4 authorized invention patents.

  • Zhou Yechang

    Male Senior Engineer Company Chief Engineer

    He graduated from the Textile Department of Anhui Electromechanical University in 1993, and once served as the director of nylon 6 polymer spinning workshop and dipping workshop of Bengbu Shenfeng Group. He has many years of experience in production and technology management in the dipping industry, and is the first person who completed the formulation of 3 national standards and 6 authorized invention patents.

  • Xie Yanxia

    Female Doctor Senior engineer externally recruited senior expert

    She is currently working in Anhui Polytechnic University, mainly engaged in the basic and application research on the synthesis, preparation, surface modification, functional modification and interface performance of engineering polymer composites.

    She has 19 years of working experience in super large state-owned enterprise and has 7 authorized invention patents, presided over the drafting of 2 national standards, presided over 1 project of Anhui Higher Education Improvement Plan, "Textile Fabric" Key Laboratory of Anhui Colleges and Universities, 1 joint open fund project of Anhui Textile Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 Youth Fund project of the National Natural Science Foundation, and participated in 1 project of Anhui 115 Industrial Innovation Team.

    She won one second prize (number 1) of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Textile Industry Federation, one third prize (number 1) of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, and four science and technology progress awards of Yankuang Group. She has won the title of Excellent Professional Technician and Professional Technology (Discipline) Leader of Yanzhou Mining Group for many years in succession, and has won the title of Advanced Individual in Scientific and Technological Innovation of Yanzhou Mining Group and Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker of Jining City for many times.

  • Zhu Yanan

    Male Doctor Associate Professor externally recruited senior expert

    He is currently working in Jiangnan  University. He has successively presided over one National Natural Science Foundation - Youth Fund and one Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation- General Project; participated in NSFC- General Project, 863 major projects, and one school level education reform program. More than 20 professional academic papers have been published by him, including more than 10 SCI papers and 7 authorized invention patents.

  • Shi Jie

    Male Master Engineer Executive Deputy Director of Technical Center

    He graduated from Jiangnan University in 2012 with a master's degree in textile materials, and won 6 patents, including 4 invention patents, and one second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of China Textile Industry Federation.

  • Zhang Yuzhu

    Male Master Engineer Vice President of Production Technology

    He graduated from Anhui Polytechnic  University in 2012 with a master's degree in textile materials, and won 3 patents, including 1 invention patent.

  • Yao Min

    Female Master Engineer Director of Production Technology

    She graduated from Anhui Polytechnic  University in 2014 with a master's degree in textile materials, and won 2 patents, including 1 invention patent.

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