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    The weft direction uses polyester monofilament yarn. Transverse rigid fabric is developed for conveyor belts which require flat running, such as high angle rib lifting belts, light conveyor belts, etc.

  • High tensile strength

  • Less stretch

  • High adhesion

  • Excellent troughability

  • High impact resistance

  • Specifications

    PP fabric    


    Executive standards


    Material -Warp:Polyester    YarnWarp:Polyester    YarnWarp:Polyester    Yarn
    Weft:Nylon-6.6 YarnWeft:Polyester    YarnWeft:Nylon-6.6    Yarn
    Breaking StrengthGB/T 31334.5-2017N/cm≥7300≥1700≥8000≥1300≥6250≥2500
    Elongation at BreakGB/T 31334.5-2017%≥14≤45≥14≤45≥18≤45
    Hot Air Shrinkage (150℃, 30min)GB/T 31334.1-2015%≤3.0≤1.0≤3.0≤1.0≤2.0≤1.0
    Peel AdhesionGB/T 31334.4-2017N/mm≥8.0≥8.0≥8.0
    Weight DensityGB/T 31334.6-2020g/m22580±1002370±1002030±60
    ThicknessGB/T 31334.6-2020mm3.1±0.32.9±0.32.7±0.2
    Width rangeGB/T 31334.6-2020mm500~3100
    Weave  2/2 broken twill2/2 broken twillStraight longitude and latitude


    Dipped fabric is a kind of ideal rubber framework material. It is widely used in producing conveyor belts, V-belts, rubber hoses, escalator handrails, rubber tracks, rail transportation cushion, submarine pipe, soft oil tank, etc.

    Submarine oil pipe
    Tubular conveyor belt
    Rubber track
    High temperature resistant conveyor belt
    Soft oil tank
    Elevator handrail
    Rail transit damping pad
    Production conveyor belt

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